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More college visits.....

We had a great trip to Spokane/Cheney today! There were 39 students (17 seniors and 22 juniors) show up at 6am! Our first stop was Gonzaga and I had 14 students stay with Mrs. Verduzco and Mr. Suarez, where they had an Admissions presentation and then our very own Eduardo met up with them and gave them a tour 😊 The other 25 headed with me to Spokane Community College where we had a great tour of their great programs, we got to see the Culinary Arts Program, which included a bakery and gourmet restaurant they operate; Maching/Welding/Fluid Mechanics shop, which was amazing; and Cosmotology Program! It was great! We then headed back to meet up at the Gonzaga campus to have lunch at their cafeteria and Joe Strecker met us there too! 

Our last stop was at Eastern, where we had a very fun Admissions presentation and a student panel that included some of our Manson kids (Luis Alvarez, Magali Leyva, Marco Mendoza, Jessica Medina and Angie Guillen). It was great to see them and then do a tour of their campus! 

A fun day (long) day for sure! Attached are some photos for you to see!   Submitted by Adelina Grajeda

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