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Jama England

Jama Englandj

Pledge to Clients: Educating children works best as a partnership between the home and the school. I thank our staff who give individual students encouragement and support that bridge the gap. Our students success is dependent on not knowing how much you know but knowing how much you care. As a board member I will keep our standards high when we set ends policy. Our resources will be maximized. But most of all the school will continue to be the heart of the community.

Professional Experience: I have served on the school board from 1982 to 2007. I served as the PTAC President for two years and have served on a multitude of committees including the WIAA Regional Committee, volunteer co-ordinator and particapted in many workshops, conferences, etc...

Education: Gradutated from WSU with a BA in Interior Design. Every day is a learning experience.

Outside Interests: Family, Community Council, Manson Business Association, Manson Apple Blossom, watching sports with grandchildren participating, being a grandma, knitting and other creative pastimes.

Personal Information: Married 40+ years to Doug, 4+ children and 17+ grandchildren.

Position: Board President, Director Area #4-At Large

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