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Susie Fox

Susie Fox

Pledge to Clients: I love Manson and the Manson School District.  I will continue working to create a positive learning environment in all schools.  Parents, teachers, students and the School Board all provide important roles in making Manson a wonderful district and I want to be supportive of that effort.  Every student matters and I want students to strive towards high achievement and to reach their full potential.  I am a woman of my word and I want to be transparent in my new role on the Board.  Manson schools are the heart of our community and I’m proud to represent them.

Professional Experience: I graduated from Manson School District (a few years ago).  I have taught for 33+ years throughout Washington State.  I have been an assistant principal for a couple of years and bring vast experience within the different districts on improving schools and school structures.  

Education: I have my Bachelors in Ed from EWU, Masters from Gonzaga and my principal’s credentials from GU

Outside Interests: Marty and I are interim youth directors, in charge of the grieving ministry and ushers/greeters for Northshore Bible Church. I also serve as the Apple Blossom secretary.  I love to ride our motorcycle, sew, read and spend time outside walking, hiking, camping etc.

Personal Information: Marty Fox and I have been married for 4+ years, I was married to my late husband for 30 years.  I have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.  I strongly believe in our Constitution and I am proud to be an American.  

Position: Board Member, Director Area #4-At Large

Contact Phone: 509.467.8075
Email: or