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The Manson FFA took sixteen members to the Chelan County Fair where they showed their livestock. The sixteen members were Katie Gosvener, Paige Schoenwald, Tanner Schoenwald, Alex Solorio, Natalie Solorio, Joseph Mogan, Bryce Mogan, Lauren Soliday, Beren Soliday, Bryanna Harris, Isabelle Harris, Finn Smith, Abby Smith, Lydia Petersen, Jude Petersen, and Raven Pope. Fifteen students brought a swine and Isabelle Harris had a lamb project. Over the course of the week, the students showed their animals three times; market, fitting and showing, and live auction. During the market hog show, Alex Solorio received a class return ribbon and a blue ribbon, and earned another blue ribbon during the fitting and showing event. The other students that received a blue ribbon for the market hog show are Katie Gosvener, Paige Schoenwald, Tanner Schoenwald, Bryce Mogan, Lauren Soliday, Beren Soliday, Bryanna Harris, Finn Smith, Lydia Petersen, and Jude Petersen. Students that received red ribbons were Natalie Solorio and Abby Smith. During the fitting and showing event, the other students that received blue ribbons were Bryanna Harris, Katie Gosvener, Beren Soliday, Lauren Soliday, Jude Petersen, Abby Smith, Finn Smith, and Bryce Mogan. Isabelle Harris received a blue ribbon during the market lamb show as well, and earned another blue ribbon during the lamb fitting and showing event. The students that received red ribbons for fitting and showing were Tanner Schoenwald, Lydia Petersen, Natalie Solorio, and Paige Schoenwald. Aside from showing, Manson FFA received a second-place ribbon for barn decoration in the swine barn and a third-place ribbon for barn decorating in the sheep barn. At the end of the week, all the students participated in judging events. For produce judging, Joseph Mogan scored 1st out of all participants and Bryce Mogan scored seconded. Additionally, Bryanna Harris scored 5th, Katie Gosvener scored 8th, and Lauren Soliday scored 12th. After the scores were tallied, Manson earned 2nd place award. For horse judging, Raven Pope scored 1st place overall. Other students that scored a high rank were Abby Smith in 3rd, Beren Soliday in 4th, Bryanna Harris in 11th, and Lydia Petersen in 15th place. Overall, Manson received a 2nd place banner for the horse judging event as well. Thank you to all the Manson businesses and companies that supported us. Another big thanks to parents and families that supported our group and made everything possible.


Written by Lauren Soliday