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iBreakfast is here!!!

NOW through the week of March 31st Students at Manson Elementary, MMS and MHS will be involved with iBreakfast, a breakfast promotion program created by the Washington State Dairy Council designed to increase average daily participation (ADP) in breakfast in Washington State schools. iBreakfast encourages students to eat a healthy breakfast at school by offering COOL prizes for students who choose to eat school breakfast.

How does it work?

Our nutrition department under the direction of Robin Hanson has chosen to feature Fruit Smoothies at each building as part of the iBreakfast promotion. Tickets will be collected for breakfast participation on each Wednesday at Manson Elementary and Thursday mornings at MMS/MHS. During the promotion every student who chooses to eat a school breakfast will receive a raffle ticket. Students who choose the featured breakfast entrée (smoothie) will receive an additional ticket. These students will be entered into a district-wide drawing that will take place at the end of each week, tickets will be drawn on the 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st of March with winners announced the following Monday. The lucky students within our district will win a $15 iTunes gift card each week. A Final Drawing will take place April 10th at our Seahawk Blitz Assembly where one student within the district who was NOT previously drawn will win an iPad mini.

Join us as we encourage our students to make a difference in their day ..........Studies show that students in the United States who eat breakfast at school pay better attention in class, miss less school and are, in general, more prepared to learn than their peers who are breakfast skippers