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Manson’s Spelling Bee Champion

Grant Torgesen is Manson’s Spelling Bee Champion after 18 rounds


bee1 Manson School District’s 2017 Spelling Bee Champion is Grant Torgesen (8th grade) and the runner-up is his sister Afton Torgesen (4th grade). Grant’s Championship word was “tenaciously”.  

Twelve students spelled off with each other to a packed house. The 2017 District Bee was one of the longest spelling rounds Manson ever experienced. The final four students lasted 17 rounds of spelling with two students left in round 18.

Afton spelled out on the word “patronymic” and Grant went on to win the Championship round by spelling “tenaciously”.  

The two spellers will now move on to the NCW Collaborative Spelling Bee in East Wenatchee on March 16, 2017. Congratulations to Grant and Afton and to all those who participated in the District Spelling Bee!