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STEAM Night!


On March 9, during a blizzard, 260 brave people attended Manson Elementary’s STEAM night.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  Modelled after the Math Night of years’ past, there were 11 classrooms filled with activities ranging from creating rhythms with cups to building structures with spaghetti to exploring math computer programs.  Teachers who open their classrooms were:  Mrs. Alexander, Ms. Aneshansley, Mrs. Bider, Mr. Benavides, Mrs. Pittman, Mrs. Soliday, Mrs. Sanford, Miss Farnsworth, Mrs. Beazley, and Mrs. Whitney.  The Options team had Options students perform excerpts from The Lion King in the library.  Mrs. Lindert’s students has math themed artwork posted in the gym.  High school tutors, organized by Adelina Velasco, helped with the activities, and, along with Avid Castro and Maria Verduzco, translated as needed.   Pizza and salad was provided and served by Kelly Gosvenor, and Margarita Gutierrez did the setup and tear down.  The evening ended with door prizes donated by WalMart, and with tangram puzzles, dice games, and fraction stickers available to all children who attended.  It was a great evening!