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Manson Strong

Manson School District’s efforts to customize learning for students is gaining momentum. At the high school, students are meeting the district’s goals through an initiative called Manson Strong

In their “Directed Studies” courses, students work with teachers to design an independent elective course on a topic they get to choose. 

A sampling of courses students have designed:

  • Building drones                  
  • History of the Olympics                
  • Writing children’s books
  • Veterinary medicine          
  • Designing/building castles           
  • Creating a sports apparel business
  • Immigration laws               
  • Vexx robotics                                  
  • Writing a 1920’s era screenplay
  • Fibonacci mathematics   
  • Computer assisted design (CAD)

One group of five students really wanted to learn how to create videos. Manson School District contracted with Film Director Jamie Howell at Icicle Center for the Arts to consult with the students.

Over a period of three months, Jamie helped guide the students in creating this four minute video. Enjoy watching their by clicking the link below. 

Congratulations to these Manson students, who help create this film: Senior Jared Lamar, Junior Jakob Kristiansen, Sophomores Veronica Lulo and Eduardo Escalera, and Freshman Devyn Smith.