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The Manson FFA Ag Mechanic Team

ag The Manson FFA Ag Mechanic team recently competed in a contest hosted at Brewster High School. The students competed in two different categories In Arc welding on weld where on ¼ thick metals they had to do a fillet but weld, lap weld triple pass T weld leaving one third of each weld exposed for grading, competing in that category was Cody Krumm and Chase Brooks.

In the others skill area was gas welding all on 1/8 thick metal.  The skills where an outside corner with no rod, lap weld with rod, and a T weld with rod. Participant where Miseal Montes, Freddie Garcie, Ivan Dejesus, Alex Quiroz, Gonzalo Frayle. All participants had to do two cuts on inch thick metal. As of this time. results were still pending.