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Coach Farnsworth's Reports

May 4

Today the Lady Trojans hosted the Waterville Shockers for the last two games of the season. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day for softball. 

Diocelina Cervantes pitched game #1 for the Trojans. She gave up 14 walks in 5 innings, and also had 6 strikeouts. The Shockers scored 22 runs in five innings. Devyn Smith worked hard behind the plate and threw a couple runners out on the bases. Waterville's pitcher was talented and kept the Trojans in check. Megan Clausen had some success at the plate. She hit a double and a triple. Jasmine Pascacio also had a single and Diocelina Cervantes had a double. The final score of game #1 was 4-22. 

Diocelina Cervantes pitched game #2 for the Trojans as well. Although she only gave up 7 walks in this game, there were several players that were hit by the pitch, and many reached base on errors by the Trojan defense. The Shockers scored eight runs in the first, eight in the second and six in the third. Cervantes had a double in the first inning and eventually came around the score. The second inning was a shutout but the Lady Trojans rallied a bit in the third inning. Smith, Cervantes and Sepulveda all reached on walks. Kassie Strange hit a single to score Smith. Alondra Chavez and Libbey Ireland also drew walks. Cervantes and Clausen scored. The final score of game #2 was 4-22. 

Between games, we honored our three senior girls, as these were the last games of their careers. Bianca Alexander, Jasmine Pascacio and Karina Mendoza, we are all so thankful for you and the leadership you have brought this team. We wish you nothing but the absolute best in your journeys and know you will all do great things. We will miss you girls! 

All in all, it was a great season for the Trojans. The girls have learned a lot and come a very long way since the beginning of the season. I am so proud of all of their hard work. Thanks for a great season girls! 

May 1st

After a long season cursed by weather, the Lady Trojans finally got to play a few games on their home field at Singleton Park today. The Liberty Bell Mountain Lions came down for two games. 

Bianca Alexander pitched game #1. She had one strikeout and gave up 18 hits. The Trojan defense struggled to get outs. Liberty Bell scored 5 in the first inning, 16 in the second and 12 in the third. The Trojans did score 5 runs. Jasmine Pascacio and Diocelina Cervantes each had a single and a run scored.  Devyn Smith also had a single. Alondra Chavez,  Gladys Rodriguez and Libbey Ireland each scored a run as well. The final score of game #1 was 5-33. 

Diocelina Cervantes pitched game #2 for the Trojans. The first inning was rough. 11 runs scored on three errors by Trojan defense. She only allowed one run in the second and four in the third. The defense looked better in this game. The Trojans had two outs at home and Devyn Smith threw out a runner stealing second base. Karina Mendoza made some key plays at shortstop and Libbey Ireland also had a nice catch in left field. Unfortunately, offense was a struggle in this game. 

Megan Clausen did hit a screaming double way out to left center field that scored Karina Mendoza, the only run of the game. Karina also got a hit in the third inning. The final score of game #2 was 1-16. 

The Lady Trojans host Waterville Thursday evening for the final games of the season. Thursday is also senior night for our three seniors, Karina Mendoza, Jasmine Pascacio and Bianca Alexander. We are looking forward to honoring these three ladies and the talent and spirit they have brought to our team. 


April 29

The Lady Trojans traveled to Brewster for a doubleheader against the Bears today. The first game was tough for the Trojans. Brewster's pitcher struck out 9 of the 10 batters she faced in only three innings. Jasmine Pascacio was the only hit of the game- a single to right. Bianca Alexander started the first game for the Trojans and Diocelina Cervantes came in for relief. The Bears were aggressive at the plate and on the bases. They had nine singles, two doubles and fourteen walks. The final score of game #1 was 0-24. 

Diocelina Cervantes pitched the second game as well, which was a bit better for the Trojans. Devyn Smith started off the first inning with a nice bunt down the first base line. Perla Villasenor follows that with a walk. The next two batters got out, but then Mara Vargas got on base with a walk as well. Unfortunately the Trojans were unable to capitalize on the bases loaded situation. Cervantes had a single in the second inning as well as a walk in the 4th and Pascacio reached base on a dropped third strike in the third inning. Those were the Trojans only base runners of game #2. The Bears had 11 singles, four doubles and seven walks in game #2. Karina Mendoza had a couple key defensive plays for the Trojans, and freshman Libbey Ireland made a nice catch out in right field. The final score of game #2 was 0-15. 

The Lady Trojans will rest up tomorrow before taking on two games with Liberty Bell at home on Monday. 

April 27

Tonight the Lady Trojans took on the Bridgeport Fillies for two up in Bridgeport. 

The girls came out strong and scored three runs in the stop of the first inning, thanks to dropped third strikes and great heads-up base running by Devyn Smith, Jasmine Pascacio and Karina Mendoza. Bianca Alexander pitched the full first game. Bridgeport scored 7 runs in the first inning. The second inning was a bit quieter for the Trojans. Smith was the only run to score, after reaching base on a dropped third strike and stealing her way to third. She scored on a single by Pascacio. The Fillies answered with 4 more runs. Alexander had a strikeout. Alexander got on base in the 4th. Perla Villasenor came on to run. Villasenor capitalized on past balls and eventually came in to score. Bridgeport scored two in the 3rd and three in the 4th to make the final score 16-5. 

Pascacio and Mendoza started off the second game with some momentum. Pascacio walked and advanced around the bases on past balls. Mendoza hit a single that scored Pascacio. Unfortunately, that would be the only run for the Trojans in this game. Diocelina Cervantes pitched game #2 and the Fillies came out ready to play. They put the ball in play and capitalized on a few errors by the Trojan defense. The final score was 16-1 after three innings. 

The Trojans were fired up and motivated through both games tonight. Tonight was the loudest and most enthusiastic they have been so far this year, and it showed. They are really starting to click as a team. Hopefully that will carry over into the next week of games. On Saturday, the Lady Trojans travel to Brewster for their last road trip of the year.

April 25


The Lady Trojans traveled to Pateros today for a double header against the Pateros Nannies. 

Bianca Alexander pitched the first game. She had one strikeout and eight walks- a career low for Alexander. The Trojan defense worked hard and made some great plays. The Nannies scored 14 runs over six innings. Veronica Lulo and Diocelina Cervantes each contributed some great catches in the outfield. Devyn Smith walked twice and had three stolen bases. Karina Mendoza and Diocelina Cervantes also each had a single. The girls scored 4 runs, making the final score 4-14. 

The second game was much more challenging. The sun went down and the girls struggled to find their groove. Diocelina Cervantes started pitching for game #2. Cervantes did well, even with her limited practice as a pitcher. However, hits, walks and errors by the Trojan defense allowed the Nannies to score 11 in the first inning. The Trojans struggled at the plate as well. Karina Mendoza had a nice single to right field, but was stranded on first base. The rest of the game followed suit with the Trojans going down 1-2-3 for the next two innings. The Nannies continued to take advantage of walks and errors and scored three more runs in the second inning. Alexander came in to relieve Cervantes in the third. Pateros scored three more runs that inning, then scored only one in the 4th inning to make the score 0-15 and ending the game. 

The girls worked well together and were aggressive at the plate in the first game. Their goal is to stay strong and focused through two games. 

The Trojans travel to Bridgeport on Thursday for another doubleheader. 

April 18

Today the Lady Trojans traveled to Soap Lake to take on the Eagles. Smith and Mendoza took advantage of a couple of walks in the first inning and eventually came around to score. The Eagles came ready to play. They scored 15 runs in the first inning, capitalizing on several  throwing errors by the Trojan defense. The top of the second inning was quick for Manson, but Perla Villasenor did lay down a beautiful slap from the left side in her first at bat of the season. The Eagles fought hard through the bottom of the second inning, although Manson's defense held them to only 5 runs. After a 1-2-3 top of the third, the Eagles took game 1 with a final score of 3-20. 

Game number two proved to be much more interesting. The Trojan defense capitalized on a couple walks to score two runs. Bianca Alexander and her defense held the Eagles to just one run in the bottom of the second. Manson scored 3 more runs in the third. Kassie  Strange had a single to left field. The Eagles found new life and came out to score 5 runs. The 4th inning was tough for the Trojans. Alexander and Smith were the only ones to reach base, both on walks. Luckily the  Eagles came out and only scored 3 that inning. Headed into top of the the fifth inning, the score was 7-17. Trojans needed at least one run to avoid the run rule of calling a game when a team is ahead by 10 runs in the fifth inning. The Lady Trojans delivered! For the first time this season, the girls hit all the way through their lineup, scoring 10 runs. The score was now 15-17 with the Eagles coming up to bat.  Unfortunately, the Trojans were not able to stop the Eagles, who scored ten more runs that inning, making the official final score 15-27. 

Bianca Alexander had a solid day on the mound. She struggled to hit her spots, but she persevered and worked through it. Devyn Smith was incredible behind the plate and scored 5 times. The girls came out swinging and were aggressive on the bases. These were games we had been looking forward to all season and the girls did great job. The Eagles had a lot of depth in their pitching talent, and the Trojans adjusted accordingly. Way to go girls! Good work today. 

April 1

The Lady Trojans hosted their first home games of the season today. Well, sort of. The girls hosted a double header against Tonasket on Chelan's field. We were missing 4 key starters which had a big impact on the games. Nevertheless, the girls that were there really stepped up. We had girls playing in positions they've never been in before and it took some time, but they learned what to do. 

The first game was plagued with errors and miscommunication. It took some time for the girls to wake up and start playing Trojan Fastpitch. The defense missed some key plays and many runs scored due to errors. One highlight from the game was senior Bianca Alexander. Bianca pitched a good game against the Tonasket Tigers. She was getting the ball across the plate, and the Tigers were putting it in play. Unfortunately, our defense just wasn't able to back her up. Diocelina Cervantes came out and pitched the 3rd inning and did a good job as well. Offensively, the girls struggled to hit Tonasket's pitcher. She had good speed and was accurate. The final score of Game #1 was 0-32. 

Game #2 was better for the Trojans. Although we didn't score any runs, Lulo, Vargas and Cervantes all reached base from walks or dropped third strikes. The girls were aggressive on the bases and able to advance to third on past balls, but were never able to get across the plate. Alexander took the mound again for this game. She pitched another good game. She had a couple strikeouts and her pitches looked good. The defense was better for this game. The girls were fielding ground balls and making good throws to first base. Veronica Lulo had an awesome catch out in left center and Diana Lopez made some key plays at second base. The Trojans even had a inning where they put out the Tigers 1-2-3! The final score of that game was 0-17. 

Nice work today Lady Trojans. 

March 25

Lady Trojans traveled up to Oroville today for a double header against the Hornets. The sun was out and it was a great day for some softball. 

Bianca Alexander pitched game one for the Trojans. She showed some improvements from last week's games and will only continue to improve throughout the season. Trojans struggled at the plate this game. No hits, but Devyn Smith got on base with a walk and again on a dropped third strike. Smith ended up scoring twice, the only two runs of the game. Oroville won 2-21 

Game two was better offensively for the Trojans. Jasmine Pascacio and Kassie Strange each hit a solid single. Karina Mendoza had a single at each of her two at bats. Diocelina Cervantes pitched for the Trojans in her first mound appearance of the season. She just started working on her pitching this week but had a nice outing for the Trojans. The final score 2-19. 

Walks were a big struggle for the Trojans today. The defense looked much better than last week, although there are still some holes to fill. Megan Clausen had some nice digs at first base, and Mara Vargas made some crucial plays at second. The girls were more aggressive at the plate and smarter on the base path. All in all, it was a nice day for softball up in Oroville. 

March 18      Manson 0 - 18 Lake Rossevelt;  Manson 2-32 Lake Rossevelt


Today marked the first games of the Lady Trojan Fastpitch season.  First game at Lake Roosevelt was cold and windy and the Raiders came out ready to play. Trojans struggled on the bases but the last inning was highlighted by a double from Karina Mendoza, who ended up making it to third. Megan Clausen had some nice digs at 1st base and Diocelina Cervantes had a great catch out in center. Bianca Alexander pitched the whole game for the Trojans. After a tough first inning, she reigned it in and pitched a good game for the Trojans. The final score was 0-18. 


The Lady Trojans started the second game off with a bang. After a walk by Devyn Smith, a single by Karina Mendoza and a couple past balls, the Trojans were ahead 2-0. Alexander stepped into the circle again and held the Raiders to 4 runs. The second inning left much to be desired. After a scoreless inning for Manson, the Raiders came out and scored 28 runs. Alexander, Megan Clausen and Karina Mendoza all did their best to stop the Raiders but they just kept fighting. The final score of the second game was 32-2. 


All in all, today was definitely a learning experience for the girls. This was their first time on dirt and only their 3rd time outside this season. The girls played hard and are looking forward to their next game. 


-Coach Farnsworth