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8th Grade Students Earn High School Foreign Language Credit through Proficiency Assessment!

This year, students in 8th grade have had the opportunity to take a trimester exploratory class led by Ann Marie Wisdom called STAMP. In class students engage in learning tasks that strengthen their Spanish skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.  At the end of the trimester students can take an assessment in Spanish called Avant STAMP. STAMP stands for Standards Based Measurement of Proficiency and can be used to show competency towards high school foreign language credit as well as to earn the Seal of Biliteracy. The Seal of Biliteracy is established to recognize public high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in one or more world languages in addition to English. Students earn a Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma when they score a level 4 on the STAMP test and earn their high school English credits.

We are so excited and honored to announce the following 8th graders have earned high school foreign language credit during the second trimester.  Students need 2 credits to meet the graduation requirement.

Earning 1 credit: Davon Chavez
Earning 2 credits: Emily Leyva, Alissandra Mendoza, Hector Valencia, Daniel Vera
Earning 3 credits: Sofia Orozco, Helen Aragon, Obed Martinez
Earning 4 credits: Melvin Adame, Luis Anaya, Yulitza Cesar, David Romero, Dayami Morfin, Yaritza Villasenor, Nefertitis Zarate

45% of our 8th graders have earned HS foreign language credit in Spanish.

16% of our 8th graders have earned 4 credits and are in line for earning the Seal of Biliteracy

74% of our Latino 8th graders have earned HS foreign language credit in Spanish.

Amazing work, Ann. Thanks for your leadership in starting this program for MS.