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Manson School District

135 S. Hill St. Manson, WA 98831 (509) 687-3140

Manson School District Information Technology Department

District Technology Coordinator
Lori Way
Phone (509) 687-9585 
For technical support, please email the Manson School District Help Desk at

Tech Committee Meeting  @ DO

March, 1  2016  (3:30-4:30)


·         2015-2016 Technology Year in Review (Lori)

·         MIT Reports- (Jared, Alicia, Eric) What have we accomplished in the buildings with staff and students

·         NCCE Report- (Jared)  How was the NCCE Conference?

·        Summer Projects and Proposals for 2016-17 School Year


Ready to Help: We Operate in Crisis Mode

Life in the I.T. Department

  • We are in Crisis Mode at all times. What is a day like solving the world's technical problems? To find out, check the video.