smile Your "May I Award" will arrive via email and mail! 


    Done!  Finished!  Complete!  How do you get a May I? 

    Finish your Study Guide and Final Tests A, B, and C.  6th Grade, also finish Pet Selection!

    May I's will be delivered via email on 5/18.


      Congratulations on Your May I! 

    The following students have finished their work for the year! They have persevered through difficult times.  Amazing!  On to enrichment and next year’s work!  

    7th Grade  (16)

    Gold Medals 

    05/01 Andrea Rodriguez (Starbuck's Card)

    05/07 Lydia Petersen, Addie Richmond (AVP Volleyball)

    05/28 Vince Strecker (Magic Johnson Jersey)

    05/29 Madison Larsen (2021 Mini Fridge)


    Silver Medals  

    05/13 Isabella Alexander 

    05/14 Stephen Bercier 

    05/21 Emma England (IOU)

    05/27 Fernando Mendoza, Roberta Becerra

    05/28 Kayden Medina

    06/02 PD Sanchez ($10 Roblox Card)

    06/03 Bethzy Quirarte-Sanchez ($10 Starbucks Card)

    06/04 Ian Calderon

    06/05 Kiara Rivera, Luis Cortes



    6th Grade (31)

    Gold Medals 

    04/17 Yaritza Villasenor (Starbuck's Card), Isabella Wisdom (Larry Bird Jersey), Amelia Sivertson (Mini Fridge), Hanna Lyman (Teacher Signature Photo), Isabella Aburto  

    05/08 Colby Schoenwald (Chicago Bears Jersey)

    05/27 Brian Crist (Cheese Pizza), Maria Villasenor (Roblox Gift Card)

     06/02 Jackson Fretwell


    Silver Medals 

    05/12 Rylee Winters (Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey)

    05/14 Dylan Tellez 

    05/15 Violeta Torres, Alex Rodriguez (RC Car)

    05/19 Aiden Lundberg (Basketball), Kayden Koth (Classroom Noise Device)

    05/20 Luis Anaya, Karly Naranjo (Slime Kit) 

    05/26 Jasmin Leyva (Penny Board)

    05/27 Marcos Verduzco (Oregon Trail Game), Blaze Webb-Solari

    05/28 Sofia Orozco

    06/01 Hector Valencia (Barber Hair Clippers), Jerry Villasenor, Maggie Gosvenor

    06/02 Ami Escalera, Brandon Anguiano, Yadira Farias

     06/03 Liam Regan (Seattle Super Sonics Hat)

     06/04 Obed Martinez, Sebastian Segura, Evony Valle


    Students and Families, Below is the recommended pacing for both 6th and 7th Grade



    Monday through Friday; 15 minutes of Math, 10 Minutes of Xtra Math

    Grade 6 - M1 Study Guide Week 1 to Week 7 6th Grade and Pet Selection

    Grade 7 - M2 Study Guide Week 1 to Week 7 7th Grade



    May 11th - May 15th  Math Final Test Part A; 5 questions - 1 per day

    Grade 7 - M2 Final Test A 7th Grade

    Grade 6 - M1 Final Test A 6th Grade


    May 18th - May 22nd  Math Final Test Part B; also, only 5 questions - 1 per day

    Grade 7 - M2 Final Test B 7th Grade

    Grade 6 - M1 Final Test B 6th Grade


    May 26th - May 29th  Math Final Test Part C; 60 minute project

    Grade 7 - M2 Final Test C 7th Grade Project

    Grade 6 - M1 Final Test C 6th Grade Project


    June 1st - June 12th  Enrichment

    7th Grade Enrichment: https://student.freckle.com/#/login

    Class Code: NYGREY


    6th Grade Enrichment: Finish Xtra Math






    Frequently Asked Questions: 


    Can I work ahead?  Yes!   


    If I finish early, do I still keep doing Xtra Math? 20 days for May... If you do more, you get extra credit! If you finish Xtra Math, you get max points!


    If I finish early, are you going to give me more work? NO!  unless you want more... then yes... 


    I'm having trouble with an assignment... how do I get help?  Ask!  Email your small group, Get on your Zoom call, Contact Mr. Nygreen!


    Finish Your Work - Get a MAY I!




    Book3      Books and Journals were sent home with students on 03/16.



    Student Learning Continues... How?


    A. Students can get materials online, through email, or we can hand deliver to you.  Contact us and we will be there!   


    B. Assignments can be submitted via email, video, mail... just about any way a student can get their work to the school that fits the guidelines for social distancing.


    C. Students requiring assistance will be able to get answers to their questions.  

    School Email - Office 365 or personal/family accounts

    Small Groups - See your school email

    Call your friends

    Call or Text Mr. Nygreen (509) 683-2033

    Zoom Calls



    Online Learning


    A. Xtra Math - All students will be expected to maintain their fast fact skills by completing Xtra Math.  Students who have completed Xtra Math will receive a new account.  Mr. Nygreen will be tracking work online to see if students are logging in.  This account can be accessed on any device.  Students who do not have access to Xtra Math can request paper copies of fast fact math practice be sent home.  The pages will have 100 problems on them that students complete daily. Students can submit fast fact paper forms the same way as their math packets.  The goal is 17 20 for May.  Anything above this will be counted as Extra Credit!




    Additional Learning Resources


    A. Quizlet - Students are welcome to play games on Quizlet.  All students have login info for Quizlet.  This is a great resource for learning vocabulary.


    B. Khan Academy - Students and parents can create accounts on Khan Academy to practice grade level content.


    C. Other Resources - There are projects and assignments on our classroom website that can also be accessed.


    Please contact me if you have questions or need additional help.  My hope is that everyone is healthy and safe.  I look forward to hearing from you and getting back in the classroom next year.


    All my best to your family,


    Mr. Nygreen