• The Manson Drone Club is Flying High!

    The Manson Drone Club, with 35 members, has taken flight under the wing of Manson High School math teacher Kate Sorenson.

    Titus Petersen, freshman and Drone Club president, says “I’ve been waiting to start a Drone club for several years and am so thankful Ms. Sorenson agreed to do it. We are just getting started and we have so much growth ahead of us.”

    Gunnar Rasmussen, Executive Officer of the Drone Club, says, “The club has gained a lot of interest in a short amount of time.”

    It’s obvious why—drone flying is a fun activity that peaks the interests of a wide range of students. The club focuses on art education, engineering, and community outreach.

    With over 100,000 drone-related job openings, the Manson Drone Club is providing students with the skills and confidence needed to pursue a job in drones, STEM, or engineeringStudents learn how to fix drones, build drones, and understand the science behind their flight.

    The club also focuses on art education. Students will learn how to use Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, PTGui, and other programs to edit photos and videos from their drone footage.

    Most importantly, the Drone Club is actively seeking to assist the community of Manson.  The club members will provide free services to the community in the form of photos and videos for local residents and businesses.

    “We have already been contacted by several community members about assisting in a variety of projects,” Sorenson says. “Jeff Conwell, Vice President of the Manson Chamber of Commerce, reached out to us about creating a promotional video for the town on Manson. We are ecstatic about helping them in this project.”

    The drone club meets every Thursday and every other Saturday. During this time, members experiment with virtual reality flying goggles, practice drone flips, take 360-degree photos, and capture stunning 4K videos.

    “This is just the beginning!” says Petersen. “Right now we are 3d-printing a drone body, which will soon become a racing drone. Our hope is to find another school that is interested in racing our club.”

    If you would like a project done for you or your business, please visit mansondroneclub.com to learn more or send ksorenson@manson.org an email.  Remember, the sky’s the limit!












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