• Mr. Johnson's Options Middle School
    We are a multi-age 7th and 8th grade classroom. During the time with my students (usually for two and a half periods) we integrate Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts in various projects throughout the year. Due to the nature of our classroom, we rotate the curriculum every two years.  Science is hands-on with lots of time to explore a topic to present for a spring Science Fair. During our two-year rotation we also explore the human body, physical science, genetics, and Earth and Space Science.  Drama and visual arts are also an integral part of our curriculum, especially in Social Studies. We also feel that writing is an important part of our education and consequently we write: narratives, fiction, expository pieces in Science and Social Studies, skits, analysis in Science, and persuasive letters.  And we have a lot of fun.  The students also are major participants in our March all-school musical. We truly find learning fun and engaging!      
  • Learning Rocks in Options, especially if you're a Packers fan!

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