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    Secondary School Principal

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    What an exciting time to be a Manson High School student. Our staff and community have worked hard to provide opportunities for high school students to explore interests, take college courses, and develop skills within their personal pathway to graduation: Pride. Passion. Grit.

    Our Middle School staff continues to develop our new House period where students build strong relationships; connect with the community; and explore, discover, become valuable members of our local, national and global community.





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    School Hours
    Mondays - 9:30 AM until 3:15 PM
    Tuesdays through Fridays - 8:30 AM until 3:15 PM


  • Manson High School


    "Home of the Trojans"

    1000 Totem Pole Rd.

    Manson, WA 98831

    Phone: (509) 687-9585




    Manson Strong High School Student,

    We want to make your HS experience the best it can possibly be. For this reason we ask for your thoughts on how we are doing.
    Please carefully consider the following questions and then select responses most closely aligned to your thinking.
    Thank-you for letting us know how to better serve you.



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     ASB Membership

    A student body card costs $30 and is required by students holding a school office, participating in interscholastic sports or academic teams, and participation in clubs receiving ASB funds. Card holders receive free admission to home athletic events, as well as reduced admission at away games, home activities such as dances and a reduced school annual cost. ASB cards must be presented by the card holder to receive free or reduced admission to any school-sponsored event.

    Commons Area

    The commons area is available before school and at lunchtime to eat, visit with friends or study.

    Food Service

    School breakfasts and lunches are served daily for a nominal fee in the cafeteria. Breakfast/lunch deposits may be given to the school secretary before school in the main office. Regular prices - breakfast/$1.50, lunch/$2.40.


    Students are not permitted use of the office phone behind the corner without permission. However, students who are ill will be allowed to call home from the office.

    Closed Campus

    A student may not leave the school campus any time during the school day unless he/she is excused by the school office and has parent/guardian permission. Parents/guardians are requested to sign their student in or out of school any time the student returns or leaves during the school day.

    School Accident/Athletic Insurance
    The Manson School District has made available an optional student accident insurance policy which offers both school or full-time coverage. ExcelServ Insurance Group provides this insurance coverage. Insurance information and option brochures can be obtained from the office.

    Student Fees

    ASB Card $30
    Athletic Fee $10 each season of sports (paid before 1st athletic practice)
    Annual (optional) September to November $28 w/ASB, $33 without
       December to February $30 w/ASB, $35 without
       March to June $35 w/ASB, $40 without
    Band Instrument Fee $50 (paid or signed contract before instrument given)
    Band and Choir Uniform $6.50 (dry cleaning)
    P.E. Uniforms $13