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    Welcome to Manson Elementary, home of the Wildcats. Manson Elementary School is located in Manson on the North Shore of Lake Chelan in North Central Washington. Our professional teachers and staff provide a caring environment for more than 365 preschool through sixth graders. 

    Many changes have occurred since Manson Elementary was built in 1951, with the most recent renovation in 1996.  Our library sits at the center of our school with pre-school through 5th grade classrooms surrounding. We house our early childhood (preschool) program as well as our 1st - 8th grade grade Options program. Recently, we re-structured our transitional bilingual program to optimize learning access for all students. Manson Elementary has a strong focus on rich, rigorous vocabulary and oral language devleopment for all students. 

    Manson Elementary staff and students are very proud of our school.

    950 Totem Pole Road
    Manson, WA 98831
    Phone: 509-687-9502

    Fax: 509-687-9537 

    Meet Ben Riippi, Manson Elementary Principal 

     ben r

     Dear Families and Friends of the Wildcats,

    Manson Schools have a strong tradition of partnering with the community and working together to support all students.  Along with myself, we have added a couple new members to the team this year and we are excited to serve alongside an incredible group of dedicated professionals.  Our staff are highly qualified and committed to providing a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment for every student.  We are grateful for the opportunity to educate and inspire your children each day.  We take pride in we do.  Come join us and be a part of something special.  Call our office and find out the how you can get involved.  GO WILDCATS! 

    In partnership with our community our staff created a Vision for Manson Elementary:  MANSON BUILDS. 

    B = Balanced.  We strive to provide a balanced educational experience that incorporates the whole child. 

    U = United.  We, staff, parents, district and community, all work together for the well-being and safety of our students. 

    I = Integrated.  We provide integrated, hands-on learning to let kids access knowledge in meaningful ways. 

    L  = Learning.  We focus on literacy and math as crucial areas to prepare our kids for the future, providing individualized interventions and challenges as needed. 

    D = Diversity.  We embrace diversity, respect cultures and languages and teach tolerance. 

    S = Staff & Students.  We have talented and caring educators who work to create meaningful relationships that foster learning for our students. 


    Ben Riippi

    Phone: 509-687-9502
    Email: briippi@manson.org

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