• Manson School District's Bilingual Program Description 


    51% of students in Manson Elementary qualify for services under the State Bilingual and/or Migrant programs. Spanish speaking English Language (EL's) in grades K-2 participate in an Early Exit Transitional Bilingual Program. Students in Kindergarten and 1st grades are instructed in their first language for a majority of academic content to ensure grade-level mastery. EL’s receive 45 minutes of daily instruction in English oral language that gradually increases from one grade to the next. Students make a full transition to all-English instruction in 3rd grade. In 3rd through 5th grades EL students’ language development is supported through content instruction in EL supportive mainstream classrooms. A majority of Mason's elementary classroom teachers are Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) certified. Language development instruction is provided by certified classroom teachers, bilingual para-educators, and a district English Language Development (ELD) Coordinator/Coach.



    31% of Manson Middle School students and 28% of Manson High School students qualify for services under the State Bilingual and/or Migrant programs. At the middle and high school level intermediate and advanced EL students receive content based instruction in EL supportive mainstream classrooms and additional assistance from para-educators when needed.  All content teachers receive training in specific methods to make math, science, social studies, and English understandable for EL students. Beginning Newcomer EL’s with very limited English are enrolled an additional class in English as a Second Language provided by an ELL endorsed teacher.  Beginning EL’s are supported by bilingual teachers and para-educators in math, science, and social studies courses. Technology to support these students is available through the Renaissance Learning English in a Flash program.