Let Us Work Together to Make Things Better for Kids!

  • Volunteering in the Manson School District

  • On behalf of the Manson School District, I would like to sincerely thank you for volunteering in our schools. Your dedication and leadership to assisting our school district, staff and students is greatly appreciated.

    We are extremely proud of our community, parents, staff and students for their
    commitment to “Continuous Student Learning.” This focus ensures that we provide opportunities for our students to be successful citizens. We are committed to helping everyone succeed in their role…students, staff and our partners within the community. Manson is a great place to live learn and be involved in an outstanding community.


    Again, thanks for being a Manson volunteer. We hope the experience is as
    rewarding for you as it is for our students. Thanks for all you do to help kids succeed! 


    Goals of the Volunteer Program:

    •  To enlist and strengthen the cooperation of parents and the community in the education of children.

    • To provide volunteer help to the school, staff and classroom teacher to better meet the needs of individual children

    • To develop an environment that encourages friendly communication between home, school and community




    Tabatha Mires, Superintendent


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Guidelines for Volunteers

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    Everything you need to know about volunteering can be found here :   Volunteer Handbook and Application-English and the Volunteer Handbook and Application -Espanol.  Please call us with any questions you have.




    To help things run smoothly and safely, all volunteers must…

    Fill out the Volunteer Information Form and Disclosure form.

    Read the information in this packet and please let us know if you have questions.


    Respect confidential information seen or heard at school.

    Respect schools as drug-alcohol, tobacco, violence and weapons free zones.


    Refrain from coming in contact with another person’s body fluids. Please contact a teacher, custodian or have the student clean and treat their own conditions involving bodily fluids. Always consult with school staff and report any exposure to body fluids. (Copy of School District Administrative Policy relating to the handling of body fluids is available upon request.)


     Sign in and out at the school office every time you volunteer. As a volunteer you are covered under the district’s Self Insured Industrial Insurance Benefits plan. If you are hurt while volunteering, please report the accident to the building secretary and pick-up appropriate forms at the district office. (Complete handbook available at the district office upon request.)