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    Pledge to Clients: Our future lies with our children and what better way to see into the future than through working with children.  I feel that if I can just find the right switch and flick it for each student, to inspire them in whatever they might find joy and passion, then I will have done at least a small part of my job.  Whether it be in art, literature, math, science, cooking, roller coasters, or music, if somehow while working with
     a student can inspire them to a new possibility, then I feel I have accomplished something.  It can be extremely exciting and so worth the effort. 

    Professional Experience:  The 2015 – 2016 school year is my 19th as a teacher.  This is my fifth year in Manson, having completed 14 years at the Chelan Valley Independent School where I also taught in multi-age classrooms and made extensive use of project-based, hands-on learning. 

    Education:  I don’t feel one can ever have too much education, and I also feel that we are educated in some way in everything we do.  Formally, I have completed well over 20 years of education, but perhaps the experiences that have had the most impact on me educationally, were when I have traveled.  Being in other cultures, seeing life from another perspective, experiencing those universal aspirations from people from all walks of life, have played a most profound role in my life as a teacher.

    Outside Interests:  I enjoy sports (Wisconsin sports teams, to be accurate), being outside, reading, especially history and historical fiction, and, first and foremost, spending time with family and cooking and eating good food.   

    Personal Information:  I have a wife, Jeannie Kapple, who works in the wine industry, and two children – Malena, a high school senior, and Rowan, a sixth grader in the Manson Options program. 

    Position: 5th Grade Teacher

    Phone: 509-687-9502
    Fax: 509-687-9537

    Email: djohnson@manson.org