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Manson School District

135 S. Hill St. Manson, WA 98831 (509) 687-3140

  • Welcome to the Operations Department

  • Our staff diligently works to provide safe and clean facilities, playgrounds, and athletic fields for Manson's students, staff, and community members.

    Facility Use

    The Manson School District is committed to providing access to the district's facilities when they are not designated for district-sponsored curricular or extra-curricular activities. If you would like more information regarding community use of facilities, please email or call (509) 687-3140



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  • Eric Sivertsoneric
    Director of Operations

    Manson School District
    135 S. Hill St
    Manson, WA 98831
    Phone: 509-687-3140
    Fax 509-687-9877


Maintenance and Operations Staff

Stan LindertStan
Head Custodian 
Phone: (509) 687-9502
Margarito Barrios
Head Custodian 
Phone: (509) 687-9585
Albert Schwader
Elementary Custodian
Phone:  (509) 687-9502
Santiago Grageda
Secondary Custodian
Phone: (509) 687-9585