• fingerprinting Required Fingerprinting

    New Employees: If you have not been fingerprinted by a school district within the last two years, please follow the instructions below with finger printing options at the North Central ESD



    Fingerprinting Services

    NCESD fingerprinting services are for district employment, teacher certification, and others needing fingerprinting services. Offered by appointment at our Wenatchee office, we use Live Scan digital technology that takes high-quality prints without the inconvenience of ink. We also offer the ink-and-roll process when necessary.


    Fingerprinting is available Monday-Friday by making an on-line appointment only. Appointments take approximately 30 minutes.

    To learn more about our on-site fingerprint service for your district please email or call 509-665-2610.

    For more information about the fingerprinting requirement, please visit the OSPI website.

    Important Note About Fingerprinting Results

    NCESD uses a Livescan system (digital fingerprints) to scan fingerprints. If your fingerprints are of good quality, live-scan reduces the turnaround time to obtain the results. If your fingerprints are of poor quality we cannot get a satisfactory result, and the prints are rejected by the Washington State Patrol (WSP). Prints are of poor quality if you have worn or fine ridges in your prints.

    The WSP recommends persons with worn/fine ridge detail be fingerprinted using the ink-and-roll method with retabs as necessary. Printer’s ink is more effective for recording very fine ridge detail than digital fingerprinting. 

    If you are concerned about worn prints, please let the fingerprint technician know before your prints are taken. We cannot refund the fingerprinting fee once we have submitted prints electronically.


    District Co-op Member:  


    Classified and Certified staff, Tutoring staff, unless also needing certification $45.25

    Non Co-op Member


    Classified and Certified staff, also needing certification $87.25



    District Co-op Members $82.25

     Non-educational (ink card)


    Ex: Banking, Foster, Permit, etc.   $35.00

     Click here to book your fingerprint appointment.

    Our Fingerprinting Staff include:


    Kayla Langston


    Rosie Martin