Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Janine Sanborn

Position: 4th grade teacher 

Professional Experience: This is my second year as a full time teacher. I have also subbed the last 5 years at Manson School District. I have taken over Manson Miles the elementary run club.  I also ran Seminars for 2 years which was organizing outside guests to educate our students with community learning or new skills such as sewing, STEM and more. I was also Manson Options Parent Communicator where I worked with families into filling the communication gaps and working with all the other parents and getting them involved.  

Education: I graduated from Manson High School. I then attended Western Governor’s University and received a B.S. in K-8 Interdisciplinary studies. 

Outside Interests: I love reading, shopping and spending time with my family. I enjoy being outside and hiking in this amazing area that we live in.