Design for Resilience Framework for the Future

  • Design for Resilience Framework for the Future of Schools - Greg Bamford & Tara Jahn
    Wednesday, May 20, 4 pm


    Registration is limited to 500 and free for all Washington Educators. Please only register if you know you can attend.


    The challenge of 2020-2021 in schools, in part, is to build programmatic or institutional resilience: the ability of your school’s teams, systems, and programs to flex, to function, and not to break -- even in the midst of uncertain, unschedulable, and abrupt changes in the conditions that we work under. But how do you do that? In this webinar, we will share the Design for Resilience model to frame the work your school is doing, and needs to do, to plan for 2020-2021. We'll provide an overview of a strong design methodology that can help your team tackle these issues effectively. Finally, we'll provide a sneak peek of some summer opportunities to do this work in a facilitated way with Leadership+Design.


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Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum

  • Save the Date!

    “Since Time Immemorial (STI):” Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum

    Introductory Webinars Offered in May, 2020
    2:30-4:00 p.m.

    Attached you will find information regarding another opportunity from the Office of Native Education for educators in our region to received professional learning around the Since Time Immemorial (STI) curriculum. 

    For our North Central region, educators will want to register for the three additional broadcasts- May 26, 27, and 28 These are general introductory sessions featuring “Ready to Go” lesson resources intended for educators across the state.  The updated flyer includes the registration links. 

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Classroom Management in the Digital Age- May 11th!

  • “Classroom Management in the Digital Age”

    May 11th, 5pm:

    The education world has been jolted into emergency distance learning, and new classroom challenges are arising. Students and teachers are grappling with new tools and new ways of engaging with each other and with learning opportunities.

    Join Heather Dowd and Patrick Green, authors of “Classroom Management in the Digital Age”, to consider how we might tweak our routine classroom management strategies to fit this new world of remote learning. Bring your concerns and your own strategies to share with others. You must pre-register for this event at: 

Webinar: Serving English Learners in a Distance Learning Environment

  • Webinar: Serving English Learners in a Distance Learning Environment

    The National Association of ESEA of State Program Administrators (NAESPA)—in collaboration with TransACT Communications and Brustein & Manasevit—will present a free-to-view webinar on May 15th at 1:00 pm EDT


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