• Fillable Form Tutorial

    In this document, you will find the steps needed to create a fillable form in Microsoft WORD. 


    The first step to creating a fillable form is adding the “Developer” tab to your ribbon.  The ribbon is what you see displayed at the top of your document under all the different tabs such as “File,” “Home,” and “Insert.”  In order to add a new tab, you will need to click the “File” tab.  Within the file tab you will need to click on “Options” (far left bottom of the list).  The options window will appear displaying a menu on the left side, click the “Customize Ribbon” tab.  On the right hand side under “Main Tabs” you will find the “Developer” check box, make sure that box is checked to add it to the ribbon and click OK.



    Click Here for Video Tutorials:

    Insert Checkboxes in Word

    In Depth Video of Developer Tab

    Because there are so many awesome functions in the developer tab, I have linked two videos that will show you the functions of the developer tab.  Please note the first video will cover how to add check boxes.  If you want a more in depth review of all the features available in the developer tab view the second video.  I highly recommend the second video if you have time, as it covers all of the features in the control section.  Familiarizing yourself with all the features available in the control tab will give your fillable forms a more professional look. 

    Feel free to reach out with any questions!