• Ten Ways to Customize Microsoft Classroom

    Microsoft Classroom
    Written by Miguel Guhlin

    This infographic will show you ten quick ways to make Microsoft Classroom work even better for you and your students for engaged and powerful learning.

    Note: An Adobe PDF version is also available.


    #1 – Add Students to Your Class


    1. Login at MS Classroom.
    2. Click on Teachers & Students in top right section of page.
    3. Add students after quick search. Click DONE after finding all students.


    #2- Add Co-Teachers


    1. On the same screen where you add students, you can add teachers.
    2. Search and select them.


    #3 – Create OneNote Class Notebook


    1. Click on Class Notebook tab.
    2. Create Class Notebook with desired settings.
    3. Open it as OneNote Online and then EDIT in OneNote 2016 to sync a copy to your Windows 10 device.


    #4 – Start Conversations for Student Participation


    1. Create Conversations around identified class topics.
    2. Edit members in the group by clicking on the ellipsis in the top right corner of the screen.


    #5 – Make Assignments


    1. Click on the Assignments tab.
    2. Click on + New Assignments.
    3. Set title, due dates, and description.
    4. Set assignment for all classes for whom it applies, attach relevant documents, and enable Conversation.


    #6 – Grade Assignments


    1. Click on the Assignments tab.
    2. Click on the Assignment name in the “In Progress” column.
    3. Review “Submissions” and then easily enter grades, assigning comments as needed.


    #7 – Share Files and Resources


    • Click on the “Files” tab to access the shared files for the class.
    • Place Word, Excel, or Powerpoint Online documents and other files for students to access.


    #8 – Use Class Calendar


    • All assignment due dates appear in the calendar.
    • Add new dates for events (e.g. field trips) to class calendar for students to access.


    #9 – Manage Class


    • Modify course info using the Manage tab.
    • Update class banner, icon, and course description.


    #10 – Update Notebook Settings


    • Add/remove sections.
    • Update teacher/student button if changes to the roster have been made.
    • Lock/unlock Class Notebook Collaboration space for student use.