• Getting Started
    Supplies to bring
    Please provide a backpack, with one change of clothing.  Children should bring their backpacks daily to carry school work and communication information home from school. Please check your child's backpack daily for new information.  Tuesdays are communication folder days.  There will usually be school announcements sent home those days.  Please sign the back of the correspondence folder and return it the next day, along with any papers that need your signature.  When you check your child's backpack, it's a good time to talk about their day.  Ask what they used to paint their picture or ask who they played with outside.  
    Afternoon preschool starts at noon.  Buses arrive just before that time.  Teachers will greet the buses on the lower level of the school at the bus stop and walk the children up to the classroom (Room 208) on the second floor.  If you are driving your child, please have him/her here by 11:55.
    Parents may want to follow us to class the first day of school until they feel their child is comfortable.  Then confidently give your child a goodbye hug and leave.  If you act unsure about leaving, your child may be unsure as well.  Occasionally, a parent may need to stay longer for a few more days.  After that, it is best for parents to separate before coming into the classroom and allow their child to get used to the preschool routine.  Before the first day, talk to your child about preschool. Reassure him/her that the preschool day is short and that you will be excited to hear all about it when he gets home.  Your child will be meeting new friends, listening to stories, and playing new games. After a week or so, when the children are used to the preschool routine, parents are encouraged to join us and start volunteering in the classroom if they like.  
    Classroom Volunteers 
    All volunteers must fill out the volunteer forms and be background checked.  You may pick up a volunteer packet in the office.  All volunteers and visitors must wash hands upon entering the classroom.
    We will eat lunch shortly after arrival.  Your child may purchase the school lunch or bring a lunch from home.  If you bring lunch from home, it should meet state nutrition guidelines - including a protein, 2 fruits or vegetables, a grain, and milk.  Milk may also be purchased separately.  Please do not send candy or sugary drinks to school.  We will be talking a lot about healthy eating throughout the school year.  If your child is going to be late to school, and lunch has already been served, either bring lunch, feed him/her before arrival, or call and let us know to hold a lunch.  Once the lunch cart goes back to the cafeteria, lunch may not be available.  The school number is
    509-687-9502.  Ask for room 208.      
    Going home
    An adult or older sibling must be at the bus stop in order for the bus driver to drop your child off.  Otherwise, your child will be taken back to the school and you will be called to pick him up.  If you are going to pick your child up at school, we will be at recess at the end of the day.  If you come by 3:00, you will be able to beat the after-school rush.  The older grades get out at 3:10 and 3:15.  
    Bilingual Classroom
    This is a bilingual classroom.  Children may speak their home language as they learn English, too.  Mr. Romero and Ms. Gomez are fluent Spanish speakers and I am also studying Spanish.  We will use both languages in the classroom.  Instruction, content, and story telling will be provided in both English and Spanish. In addition, smaller groups for reading and language will be either English or Spanish, depending on each child's home language.  All children will get lots of English and Spanish exposure.